Aquarium Food Products

Too many fish to feed! Look through our range of food products, some designed specifically formulated for certain species for optimum health and growth!

Hikari Betta Bio-Gold

from $4.50 -SOLD OUT-

Sera Bettagran Staple Diet


Betta Protein Pellets

from $5.00

Hikari Algae Wafer

from $6.80 -SOLD OUT-

Betta Kingdom Betta Gold Food


Hikari Shrimp Cuisine 10g


Hikari Micro Pellets 22g

$8.00 -SOLD OUT-

Hikari Fancy Guppy 22g


Hikari First Bites 10g


Sera Freeze Dried Bloodworms

from $15.00 -SOLD OUT-

Sera Shrimp Natural Diet


Sera Micron


Sera O-Nip Tablets


Sera Shrimp Mineral Salt 105g


Hikari Micro Wafer 20g

$7.50 -SOLD OUT-

Hikari Vibra bites Baby 37g


Hikari Vibra bites 73g

$11.15 -SOLD OUT-

Hikari Sinking Wafers

from $5.99

Sera Vipan Baby 30g


Sera Catfish Chips

from $8.50

Planaria & Hydra Cure


Aquacare Guppy Micro-Pellets

$4.00 -SOLD OUT-

Hikari Lionhead Mini

from $12.00 -SOLD OUT-

Shrimp Snow

from $8.00

Azoo Max Shrimp Breed


Sera Guppy Granules 48g


Azoo Max Bio Ball


Shrimp Nature Blue


Gei-Lee Bitter Tea Seed Meal (Parasite & Pest Remover)

$35.00 -SOLD OUT-

Azoo Max Shrimp Meal

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