Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Products & Stock

Can I keep multiple bettas together?

Females can be kept together in what is called a 'sorority' provided that there is enough hiding spots when aggression levels get too much. Males cannot be kept together with either sex.

Are these the exact bettas I will be getting?

The bettas depicted in the pictures will be the bettas sent if purchased unless otherwise stated in the product description. 
Please be aware that marble variety bettas (i.e. Koi, Grizzle, Fancy, etc.) can change pattern and colour during transit as well as over time. We cannot guarantee the pattern will remain the same throughout its lifetime. 
Fin nipping during transit is an occurrence that can happen during postage. Please understand this is a risk with long-finned varieties.

Do you have a store?

We are currently a fully online store. We welcome any questions or queries for more information in regards to the products (e.g. extra videos & pictures for the fishes), just send us a message.

How do I make a purchase for a product? 

As we are currently a fully online store, all purchases are done through the website. Please follow the check-out prompts to complete the purchase.

The product I want is out of stock, what do I do? 

Please put the product in your wish-list or send us a message and we will try to replenish the stock as soon as possible.
Do you have more stock that you're not showing us?
All the available stock are listed on the website. We have put in the effort to catalogue each betta to provide a browsing experience online akin to one in the aquarium. 


What are your serviced areas? 

All products including both dry goods and live fishes can be shipped to all Australian states.
Customers from NT and TAS, however, do require an S11 Permit (NT) or a fish dealers license (TAS) for live fish delivery. 
International delivery is currently unavailable.

How much is shipping? 

Shipping costs for live fishes and dry goods are calculated separately. The total costs will be displayed at checkout.  Please select Live Fish shipping if your order includes any live animals. 
Live Fishes and plants
Shipping costs for Live Fish start at $22.5 for a box for bettas and from $37.50 for goldfish. 
Please select the Live Fish shipping option if your order contains any fish, snails or shrimp. Failure to do so may delay the dispatch date of your order while remaining shipping costs are paid in full.
Dry Goods
Shipping costs for dry goods are based on the weight of the package and calculated at check-out. 

When will my order arrive? 

Orders usually arrive overnight, however they may arrive the following day in some areas. The time-frame is only an estimate. Delays do occur with courier vehicle breakdowns and quarantine checks. 

When will my order be shipped?

  We ship Live fish on Mondays - Wednesdays to prevent any delays causing the fish to be stuck over the weekend in the depots.
Dry goods are shipped Mondays- Fridays. 

Will my fish be shipped immediately?

 The fish will need to be prepared for shipping.
Please place the orders in by 2pm the previous day for the fish to be shipped out. For example, please place the order by 2pm on Tuesday for shipping on Wednesday. 

Can I track my order? 

 Yes, a tracking number will be provided for you to track the progress. Please contact us via email or Facebook if the tracking number is invalid. 

Can I have my order delivered to a PO box address?

Unfortunately, the couriers do not send to PO Boxes. Please provide us with a work or home address when placing orders

Can I have my order delivered to my work address? 

Yes, any address except PO Box addresses are accepted

What happens if I won’t be available to accept the delivery? 

Live Fish deliveries will be left at your door if you are not home. Though it is recommended that you are there to receive them, the couriers will leave them due to the nature of the goods. 
Dry Goods would require a re-delivery or pick up from depot. A card would usually be left by the couriers in these cases. Please leave a note if you wish to allow them to "Leave without a Signature".

My address is wrong, can I change it? 

Yes, address changes have to be authorised in-person by calling the couriers.
Please be aware that address changes cause a 24-hour delay in deliveries.
Please ensure that the addresses are correct on check-out. Extended delays from an incorrect address and resultant DOAs are not refundable. 

What time will you deliver? Why can't you contact the driver?

We do not have drivers and delivery persons of our own. We make use of third party services for this and the delivery times are much dependant on the routes the drivers take as well as their workload. As such, contacting the drivers is based on the companies discretion as they are not our employees. 

The tracking shows my parcel is delivered, however we didn't receive it.

We would need to contact the carrier company responsible for the delivery. If their information shows that delivery was done at the nominated address on the order, unfortunately we wouldn't be able to provide a refund or replacement.

Return, refunds & exchange

My fish arrived dead, what do I do?

Please send us a clear picture/video of the fish in the unopened bag, we will provide a full refund for any fish arriving dead.
Postage costs are not refundable.
Please refer to the DOA (Dead on Arrival) policy for more information -

Can I change or cancel my order? 

Unfortunately, change of minds of live fish are not refundable. We do not endorse impulse purchasing, so please have all preparations in place prior to purchasing.

When will I get my refund?

  Refunds will be processed normally in 1-3 days. Depending on the method of payment, the time can vary slightly.

What is your change of mind policy? 

Exchanges can be provided if there is a change of mind for dry goods.
 With this, the item has to be returned in its original packaging with postage at the cost of the customer.
Only when the item is received will an exchange be allowed. Again, postage of the exchanged item will be at the cost of the customer. 
Change of Minds with purchase of Livestock is not accepted. Purchases of Live Animals are final. 

My Order got confiscated and destroyed by Quarantine. What do I do?

We do not condone the sending of illegal items across state borders, but unfortunately it is a common question asked. As stated, some items are not allowed into certain states due to state Quarantine Laws. If this advice is ignored and items are destroyed by quarantine, items are not refundable. Please do not purchase items that are not allowed in your state. If you do, it will be at your own risk. 


What payment options are available?

We accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay and ZipPay. 

How do I use ZipPay? 

ZipPay is a reusable account that lets you shop now and pay later. For more information please visit

How do I use a discount code? 

Redeem your discount code during checkout.
Continue to the end of check-out and you will see a box to input the code.

The discount code isn’t applying on my order, what should I do? 

Please ensure that your order meets the Terms & Conditions applicable to your discount code. This may include, but not limited to, the expiry date, minimum amount spent, type of product purchased, and sale exclusions

Members account

What benefits do I get for creating an online account? 

You are able to earn points with $1 equivalent to 1 point. Points can be accumulated for discounts on future purchases or special event products during event periods.

I can’t sign into my account, what should I do? 

Please send us a message via facebook or e-mail and we will re-set the account or look into it further

How do I change my password? 

You can change your account in your account settings.


The website froze when I was purchasing an order, what should I do? 

Let us know through Facebook or email and we’ll sort it out for you as soon as possible. 

The item I wish to view is going to an error site/message.

Let us know through Facebook or e-mail and we will fix it as soon as possible.