Referral Program


This program allows for us to give back to customers who recommend us. It is a commission based system whereby 10% of the purchase is given to the person that refers.


How it works

1. Referral Link

Once you have registered your account, you will have a unique referral link. Individuals that use this link to access the website and purchase goods will be registered to have been referred by you. Each of these purchases are then recorded and can be seen in your user dashboards. 10% Commissions will be paid to from each of the purchases.

 2. Coupon Code

 Similar to the Referral Link, Customers you have referred have the option to use a coupon code for 10% off. This code can only be used once per customer. The 10% discounted from the purchase is then credited to your account. 


Things to take note

For the referral link to work, the customer must not clear his "cookies". The website tracks the purchases this way. 

Advertising methods are up to your imagination and creativity, though we do not approve of advertising that includes offensive content.

You cannot use your own referral link or coupon code for your own purchases. Cancellation of the account will be actioned.

Accounts and commissions subject to approval by Seven Fishes. 


Sign up at:

Log in link can be accessed on the bottom of the website or at: