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AquaBits Powder Food - Seven Fishes

AquaBits Powder Food

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Designed specifically as a supplement for the health of your Shrimp.  Supplements are intended to complement a balanced diet, comprising approximately 10-20% of total metabolizable energy (ME) as fed.

Shrimp Biofilm+ has been developed as a supplement to encourage the growth of microorganisms and enzymes in your home aquarium.  This improves the water quality and supports the digestive system of your shrimp.

Feeding: 1 leveled microspoon (included) per 50 litres of aquarium water, no more than once per week.

Ingredients: Probiotic (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae), Photosynthetic Bacteria, Water Purification Agent, Calcium, Emulsifier, Ascorbic Acid

Typical Composition: Protein 41%, Fat 2.5%, Ash 13%, Fibre 26%, Moisture 8%, ME 198kcal/100g