Betta Beanie Box - Long

Betta Beanie Box - Long - Seven Fishes

Betta Beanie Box - Long



Measurements : 15cm (L) x 10cm (W)x 12.5 cm(H)

Best suited for breeder set ups or drip systems, they are perfect for jarring fry in a neat and organised manner.


Made in USA


Tanks are sent via regular post due to the bulky nature. Please DO NOT purchase tanks and fish with expectations of them arriving together. Fish are sent via express and will arrive before the tanks. Cycled tanks are also a requirement to keep the fish healthy. 

Please ensure the Live Fish Shipping option is selected if your order contains live goods (fish, shrimp or snails). Failure to do so may incur extended wait times to dispatch the order while unpaid shipping costs are paid in full.

In the unfortunate event of a DOA, please message us with a photo in an unopened bag. We will provide a refund for the fish, postage costs are not refundable. 

Ensure you arrange to receive the package. Deaths resultant from leaving the package unattended for an extended period of time will not be refunded. 

Please be aware that marble variety bettas (i.e. Koi, Grizzle, Fancy, etc.) can change pattern and colour during transit as well as over time. We cannot guarantee the pattern will remain the same throughout its lifetime. 

Fin nipping during transit is an occurrence that can happen during postage. Please understand this is a risk with long-finned varieties.

If there are any issues, please contact us on the day of arrival with images.

For more information on shipping policies, please click here.

Betta Beanie Box - Long