Aquarium Food Products

Too many fish to feed! Look through our range of food products, some designed specifically formulated for certain species for optimum health and growth!

Sera Bettagran Staple Diet


Sera Freeze Dried Bloodworms

from $15.00 -SOLD OUT-

Sera Shrimp Natural Diet


Sera Micron


Sera O-Nip Tablets


Sera Shrimp Mineral Salt 105g


Sera Vipan Baby 30g


Sera Catfish Chips

from $8.50

Sera Guppy Granules 48g


Sera Discus Granules 480g


Sera Goldy Colour Spirulina 95g


Sera Virformo Sinking Veggie Tablet

from $7.95

Sera Vipagran Tropical Granules

from $15.60

Sera Insect Nature 400g


Sera GoldyGran Diet

from $11.80

Sera GranuRed Colour Granules 135g


Sera Vipachips Tropical Sinking Crisps

from $10.95

Sera Tropical Spirulina Tablets


Sera Cichlid Green XL 370g


Sera Cichlid Red XL 370g