Auction Information

To view items that are on auction, visit page:

General Information

The end time and date will be shown on each listing within the countdown timer. 
To place a bid, type in the value amount you wish to bid in the area next to the  "Place my bid" Button. Once placed, click the button to place the bid.
The starting bid amount is the amount in which the bidding begins from.
The reserved price amount is the amount in which once passed, the item will be sold to the highest bidder.
You will be notified via e-mail of bids you make, being out-bid as well as your winning auctions. Please check the spam folders for emails as well. 
If no payment is received for the winning auction within 24hrs, the win is void and the item will be placed back up for sale or auction. In the case that there are multiple bids on the item, the second highest bid would be the next declared winner if no payment is received.

Automatic Bid

To place an automatic bid, you would click on "Place Automatic Bid" and enter the amount you wish to bid.
An automatic bid is placed if you have a maximum amount you wish to bid for the specific item. The website will bid on your behalf in increments set on each listing when you get outbid until it reaches your maximum bid amount. 

Buy it Now option

With some listings, there is still the option to purchase the fish at the original sale value. This is a "buy-it-now" option whereby customers whom wish to pay full price will be able to purchase the fish and by-pass the auction process.
Listing with this option will have the "add to cart" function available on the listing itself to enable check-out.

Winning Auctions

You will be notified via e-mail when you have won an auction. Please check spam folders as well. To follow through, you would make the purchase through the link provided in the e-mail or in your customer log-in page. Payment must be made within 24hrs of winning. The winner will be declared to the next highest bid if no payment is made.
You may also view your wins by going to the "My Account" page and clicking "View Your Bids"

Individuals with high rates of winning bids and forfeited purchases will have their accounts cancelled. High rates of bid cancellation will also result in account cancellations.