Aquarium Food Products

Too many fish to feed! Look through our range of food products, some designed specifically formulated for certain species for optimum health and growth!

Hikari Shrimp Cuisine 10g


AquaBits Shrimp Lollipop


Sera Shrimp Natural Diet


Azoo Max Bio Ball

$35.00 -SOLD OUT-

Shrimp Nature Blue


Gei-Lee Classic Black Shrimp Feed Wafers


Azoo Max Shrimp Meal


Azoo Max Shrimp Breed


Shrimp Nature Chitin


Shrimp Nature Werwa


Gei-Lee Shrimp Feed


Shrimp Snow

from $8.00

Blizzard Shrimp Feed


Shrimp Microorganism Mix (Lu-bao pouch)

from $11.00

Vital Greens


AquaBits Powder Food

from $19.95

Shrimp Nature Red


Shrimp Nature Immunity


Shrimp Nature Spinach


Shrimp Nature Nettle